Making a creaturecast episode – overview

posted by Casey Dunn / on February 6th, 2012 / in

Below are links to several pages that provide guidance on how to make a video for They are intended for students in classes that have arranged to make a creaturecast as a project, and for people working on other video projects that are interested in how we do things. If you are interested in making a creaturecast but are not currently part of a class we are working with, be sure to get in contact with us first at When we post videos from outside contributors we usually work closely with them through the whole process.

Before you get sucked into technical details about photography, codecs, and digital editing tools, take a deep breath, step back, and remember that by far the most important thing about your video has nothing to do with these esoterica – it is all about the story. If you don’t put the time and thought into the story to begin with, it won’t be saved by any amount of technical wizardry. And a very good story can stand strong even when you take a simple approach to the technical details.

CreatureCast episodes have gotten shorter over the years, shorter works better. But it takes a lot of work to tighten a story to the point where it will work in this timeframe – this is one of the critical challenges in making an episode. The optimal length is one to two minutes.