Making a creaturecast episode – advice

posted by Casey Dunn / on February 25th, 2012 / in

Here is some feedback and details from previous contributors that you may find helpful as you create your episode:

Karen Connolly, Echinoderm Skin
I drew and inked the images in Sharpie, scanned them into Photoshop, and colored them in Photoshop. (Houdini, however, was both inked and colored in Photoshop.) The images were animated in After Effects, with heavy use of the puppet tool and position tools.

I used this tutorial for reference for animation, especially on Houdini:

Using After Effects was a really interesting, learning experience– I learned a lot about the program over the course of this project, and enjoyed working with it from start to finish– but since I wasn’t familiar with the software to begin with, the project took me much longer than I anticipated. My advice for future students who wish to work with After Effects to either 1) know the software well beforehand, or 2) begin early and devote a lot of time to learning and working with the software. After Effects seems like a powerful tool, however, and I’d like to learn more about and continue to work with it.

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